FAQ:   Decals


Decals are a fun and easy way to add design and color to your pieces.  These are straight forward to use. 

  1. 1)Cut out the shape you want for your piece

  2. 2)Place your selection in a saucer of water

  3. 3)When the decal has been in the water for a minute or two check to see if the decal will easily separate from the backing stock.  If it doesn’t, let it soak a bit longer.

  4. 4)Slide the decal off of it’s backing and onto your enameled piece.

  5. 5)Squeegee out as much water as possible and let the decal dry.  Drying is important.  If you rush and put it into the kiln and it is not totally dried, the water will boil and make holes or cracks in your decal as the steam tries to escape.

  6. 6)If you hear a “whoomp” sound while the piece is in the kiln, it is the cover coat that is on the decal burning off.  Leave the door closed.   This is expected, the flame will go out and there will be no damage to the piece.

  7. 7)Fire your piece as usual, or perhaps a bit shorter in time.  I use 1450 degrees F.

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