Black Line, Separation Enamel

Overglaze and Underglaze Fine Line Black

For fine detail and texture. Comes either dry or in an oil. The dry can be mixed with a distilled water/Klyr-fire mixture. When using the oil based material be sure the application is dry prior to firing. Failing to have it truly dry will cause the line to spread. Fire only until a sheen is seen on the black line. Further firing can cause the material to spread and give a fuzzy diffused line as well as a sunken area where the line was drawn. Besides using a quill pen, brushes, sponges and other things can be used to apply the Fine Line Black. If a dribble or splotch happens that does not enhance your design let the fine line dry. When dry use a bamboo stick to clean up the piece as the fine line will not smear when it is dry.

P-1   Overglaze Black

P-3   Underglaze Black

Dry powder 1 oz  $16.55   Oil Base 1 fl. oz  $35.65

Dry powder 8 oz  $99.00 Special Order

Separation Enamel

Separation Enamel is painted in a linear design over 2-3 coats of prefired opaque and/or transparent enamels, with transparents being the final coat. When fired, the separation enamel changes the viscosity of the area producing a flowing or spreading effect similar to marbleizing. Dry and fire at 1450°F - 1550°F for 2-5 minutes. Longer firing times result in more spreading and flowing. Separation enamel is available in dry powder or an oil base medium.

SE-2 Separation Enamel

Dry powder 1 oz  $16.55   Oil Base 1 fl. oz  $35.65

Dry powder 8 oz   $99.00 Special Order