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Thompson Enamel Workbook

The Thompson Enamel Workbook by Woodrow Carpenter, Bill Helwig and Tom Ellis, 1997. 40 pages, soft back, B & W drawings and illustrations. This is a technical manual that is a must for the serious enameler. Topics include firing times and temperatures, softening point, fusion flow, expansion, importance of particle size, metals suitable for enameling, enameling procedures, metal preparation, physical characteristics of enamels, furnaces and equipment, liquid enamel application techniques, painting media, trouble shooting and much more.

TEP-001  $13.00

Beginners Enameling Course

The Beginners Enameling Course by Woodrow Carpenter, 1981. A twelve lesson series designed to lead a new student into the fundamental techniques of enameling. A real self teacher. The booklet contains a brief history on enamels and an excellent reference bibliography on enameling

TEP-002  $6.25

Enamel Bead Making

The Enamel Bead Making by Carol and Bob Oliver, 1972. A small pamphlet teaching bead making with a propane or butane torch. Small copper tubes are used for the bead and a wire stringing technique is also illustrated.

TEP-004  $4.35

Copper Enameling

Copper Enameling by Coleman, Koenig, and Berry, 1973. A pictorial booklet on basic enameling techniques, including scrolling, Cloisonné, and Champlevé.

TEP-005  $5.95

Enamelling on Precious Metals

Enameling on Precious Metals by Jeanne Werge-Hartley 173 pages, full color, hard bound, 8-3/4” x 10-1/2”, 2002. Some 200 wonderful photos! This book has a full chapter on plique-a-jour as well as a number of other techniques. All of the contributing artists are from England. The work in the photographs is breath taking.

TEP-103  $36.50


Enamelling on Copper for Beginners

Enameling on Copper for Beginners by the Guild of Enamellers. Contents include: Details of materials and equipment you need for getting started and advice on how to clean your copper, how to sift the enamel and fire it, and shows suggestions for surface decoration. The DVD then goes on to explain and demonstrate various techniques: Stenciling, Using transparent enamels, Sgrafitto with dry and liquid enamel, Wire inlay, Drawing on a prefired enameled surface, and Swirling.

TEV-600  $60.00

Enamelling on Copper Beyond the Basics

Enameling on Copper Beyond the Basics by the Guild of Enamellers. Contents include using gold and silver in leaf and foil, rubber stamps, lusters, enameling on beads and curved surfaces, high firing, liquid enamels, riso screen printing, repousse using copper shim, shaping copper, cloisonne, color washes and painting, trouble shooting.

TEV-700  $60.00