Enamel Embellishments

Enamel Marking Crayons

For drawing or marking on any clean, oil free vitreous surface. Coating the surface with hair spray (Good results have been reported with Rave™) or with artist's spray mount also provide a tooth to the surface if you desire. Crayons are water soluble. When fired at 1350-1400°F for 2 minutes or until glossy they become insoluble in water and transparent enamels can then be applied on top using normal procedures. If preferred the fresh crayon mark can be dry dusted with transparent enamel and both fired at the same time. On white enameled steel tile fire at 1450° F for 2-1/2 to 3 minutes. On white enameled copper either the temperature or the time may be reduced. The crayons are not formulated to gloss completely without a coat of enamel on top. The surface can be warmed prior to applying the crayon to give a solid application of crayon marks.

EMC-6  Green

EMC-7  Red

EMC-8  Yellow

EMC-9  Orange

EMC-10  Brown

EMC-11  Blue

EMC-12  Black

EMC-13  White

EMC-SET   Set of 8 colors

$8.350 each   SET for $58.20

Underglaze Crayons

AMACO underglaze pastel crayons for decorating. Use on a mat surface and fire. Can be used on copper, gold, silver, 300 & 400 stainless steel, window glass and stained glass.
Two 8 color kits are available:

P-7ATurquoise, Yellow, Rose, Dark Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Black, White   One in Stock, otherwise Special Order

P-7B Yellow Green, Lilac, Medium Blue, Medium Green,Light Brown, Gray, Blue Green, Dark Brown Special Order

$48.00 per set

Underglaze Decorating Pencils

These AMACO pencils are ideal for shading, fine line drawing or identification. They are lead free. Set consists of one each: black, green, brown, rose, blue and yellow. NOTE: Sharpen with a blade or knife only, Do not use a pencil sharpener.

We no longer carry these. They are available online from Thompson and other vendors.
We have two pink left in stock.

P-4   $14.10 each 

Jewel Effect Lumps

For thick jewel-like appearances when fired. Excellent for bead making. Lead-free.

1oz  $5.20   8 oz  $20.90

1 lb  $38.60  Special Order

Opaque Enamel Threads

Thin colored fibers for firing onto enamel for line effects or for scrolling. Lead-free.

OTV-1  Black

OTV-2  White

OTV-3  Blue

OTV-4  Red

OTV-5  Turquoise

OTV-6  Green

OTV-7  Yellow

OTV-8  Seven color mix

OTV-9  Extra fine, 7 color mix

OTV-10  Orange

1 oz   $8.75 each   8 oz   $43.80



Small pattered glass chips from Italy. The same as you see in glass Paperweights.

Vitreco™ Floral Wafers and Buttons

Small thin enamel wafers in a variety of colors which result in delicate flowers when fired. Fire at 1500-1550° F until flat. Buttons make flowers about twice the size of wafers. Wafers are 2-4 mm dia. and spread to 5-7 mm when fired. Buttons are 5 mm dia and will spread to 7-9 mm when fired. Five gram packets contain Approximately 80 wafers or 20 buttons.

EF-1  Yellow

EF-2  Blue

EF-3  Purple

EF-5  Red

EF-6  Pink

EF-7  White

EF-8  Assorted

EF-9  Mixed Buttons

$21.95 per 5 gram packet