Cost to run a kiln

Thompson Electric

The TK-1 small kiln is no longer available. The following replacement parts are still availble.

TK-2   Replacement Element   $37.15

TK-3   Replacement Door and Rod   $40.85

These will be drop shipped from the manufacturer.

For a starter kit using this kiln, visit Beginner's Kit

Vcella Kilns™

These kilns come with a kiln shelf. All Vcella Kilns™ are 2300°F maximum temperature, and may be used for any media. The Vcella Kilns™ come with a single set point automatic temperature control, pyrometer and a kiln shelf.  Programmable multi-point solid state electronic temperature control units are available for all Vcella Kilns™.

These are dropped shipped from the manufacturer. They ship by motor freight and shipping charges depend on distance and whether they are being delivered to a loading dock or not. Shipping to a facility with a loading dock is cheaper.  Shipping to a facility without a loading dock is a minimum of $100.

A multi set point controller is available separately and can be installed on your kiln prior to being shipped.

Multi-point Controller   $150.00

Dimensions are listed as Width x Depth x Height

Other larger models are available. Please call for information.

Model  Inside Dim   Outside Dim  Wt Lbs  Volts  Amps  Price Crating
6 6"x6"x6-1/2" 19"x15"x19" 70 120 12 $1337.00 $44.00
9 9"x10"x6-1/2" 22"x19"x19" 95 120 15 $1612.00 $44.00
11 9"x10"x11" 22"x19"x23" 125 120 15 $1730.00 $68.00
12 12"x12"x6-1/2" 25"x21"x19" 130 120 15 $1730.00 $68.00
13 12"x12"x8" 25"x21"x20" 140 240 20 $1854.00 $68.00
16 16"x16"x11" 29"x25"x24" 190 240 20 $2371.00 $80.00
18 18"x25"x11" 26"x30"x23" 340 240 45 $4133.00 $80.00
21 20"x20"x8" 28"x30"x25" 230 240 24 $3743.00 $87.00