Lusters & Decals

Carefree Lusters™

Carefree Lusters™ are used as a surface application which results in a "metal flake" or "sparkle" appearance. Stabilized for glass, glazed ceramic and enameled metal applications. Supplied as a dry powder for mixing in water or oil base media. Lead-free and without toxic fumes; but avoid breathing dust. Apply by brush to dry, fused vitreous surface, air dry and fire at a pre-determined temperature. Fire at 1350°F for 3 minutes with enamels on copper. It comes in 12 colors: clear silver, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, metallic yellow, metallic orange, metallic red, metallic gold, and metallic green.

LTK-1 Small containers of all 12 powder colors below (approximately a teaspoon) $22.40


Luster Powders 20 gram jar of powder   $17.80 per jar except as listed Special Order

LR-1  Silver

LR-2  Purple

LR-3  Blue

LR-4  Green

LR-5  Metallic Red

LR-6  Metallic Orange

LR-7  Metallic Yellow

LR-9  Yellow

LR-10  Orange

LR-11  Red

LR-8  Metallic Gold  $20.20

LR-13  Metallic Green  $22.60


LR-SET Rainbow kit: 20 gram jars of all 12 colors   $196.85 Special Order

Luster Water Colors 10 gram jar   $9.95 except as listed  Special Order

WCL-1  Clear Silver

WCL-2  Clear Purple

WCL-3  Clear Blue

WCL-4  Clear Green

WCL-5  Metallic Red

WCL-6  Metallic Orange

WCL-7  Metallic Yellow

WCL-9  Clear Yellow

WCL-10  Clear Orange

WCL-11  Clear Red

WCL-8  Metallic Gold  $10.10

WCL-13  Scarab  $10.10


WCL-SET Rainbow kit: 10 gram jars of all 12 colors   $105.25  Special Order

Luster Decal Sheet

For use on any vitreous surface: enamel on metal, enamel on window glass, stained glass and pottery. Cut out your design, place in water for a few seconds, position, squeegee, dry and fire. For more than one color let decal dry for a few minutes, add the next color in the same manner. Decals can be overlapped on the first, second or third firings.

We have one sheet of each of these left. They have been discontinued.


DSG-6-A Green Brick Half Sheet - 8.5" x 5.5"    $7.40

DSG-6-B Silver Nouveau Half Sheet - 8.5" x 5.5"    $7.40

DSG-11-G Green Small Rose Full Sheet - 12” x 8 3/4”    $14.40

Dichroic Decals

FAR OUT Tie Dye Dichro Magic Decal 2-3/4 x 8-1/2”   $14.95

Dichro Slide Sample Set

Includes 6 solid color decals that can be cut with scissors or paper punches.    Each sheet is 2” x 2”.    $34.00

Solid Color Decals

Apply to a fired surface, dry and fire. Not for use directly on metal. With this you can get an even coat with sharp edges, straight or fancy curves. Cut the shape you want and apply.

Individual sheets are These have been discontinued.

ED-910E Brown - we have 1 half sheet in stock

Half Sheet - 6" x 8-3/4"    $8.65


Metalic Decals

Gold and Platinum Decals

These decals were found at a Glass Expo. We have fired them and they work best on a pre-enameled surface firing at 1300-1350° F.

We also have 2 Black decals, non-metalic by the same manufacturer

Further testing revealed the following. The decals are very thin, so they are not like foil. We tried flux over the decals and it dimmed the metallic look. During firing, you do get a flame produced from the decal material. It will go out, and burns clean so there is no ash. We also tried firing with the door slightly ajar and the metallic look was more lustrous. Continue firing just for perhaps 10-15 seconds after the flame is out.

Note: You may hear a "Whoomph" when firing. It is the decal material igniting, which is expected. If you have a window in your kiln, you will see it ignite; it is a small flame and it goes out shortly.

There is a wax paper type material on top of the decal sheet. It is there to protect the decal in transit. You remove this before putting the decal in water. If the paper does not want to come off, you can fire with it on. The flame lasts a bit longer since there is more material that is burning. It does not seem to bother the decal.

According to the manufacturer, he has tested them on glass for the glass folks and says that these patterns cure at 1325-1440° F.

4" x 4" sheets   $12.70 each

MD-16 Curls
 Platinum Only

MD-18 Fish
 Black Only

MD-19 Hearts
  Platinum Only

MD-25 Mola
 Gold Only

MD-33 Triangles
 Gold Only

MD-36 Characters
 Gold Only

MD-37 Cherry Blossoms 1
 Gold Only

MD-39 Christian
 Gold Only

MD-28 Texture
 Black Only

MD-46 Leaves
 Gold Only

MD-49 Sampler 1
 Gold Only