Metal Cleaning and Working

Metal Cleaning

PH Minus (Sparex Substitute)

We suggest sodium bisulfate as an alternative to Sparex as a pickle. Sodium Bisulfate is also know as PH Down or PH Minus and is used for spas and swimming pools.  Sparex #2 often has a brown scum which appears on the surface, and it’s hard to see into the pickle pot with the brownish haze. Sodium bisulfate is the same exact chemical as Sparex. Put 4 cups of water and about 3/4 cup of dry pickle into your pickling container. It doesn’t have to be exact. Always add the pickle to the water. Your solution of pickle will start turning blue the more you use it but it will still be working. When you determine that it is taking too long to work, then make up new pickle. Warm pickle works faster than cold. You can neutralize the old pickle with baking soda before putting it down the drain or set it outside and let the liquid evaporate then dispose of the residue.

PH Minus is available from your local pool supply or some big box stores.  Our 1 pound packages are no longer available.

Copper Tongs

Copper tongs for use in acid solutions. 9 inches long.

K-7 Copper Tongs   $9.95 each


Thompson's oxide inhibitor for the prevention of scale formation on exposed metal surfaces as enameled items are being fired. Paint it on thin. Let it dry. Scalex falls off as fired items cool, exposing a clean metal surface. Sold in liquid form.

C-4 Scalex   $23.10         per pint  $115.25 per gallon Gallon is special order

Penny Brite™ Copper Cleaner

Cleans copper without using acid and rinses off using warm water. It has been specially formulated to clean copper, stainless steel and brass and comes with a sponge applicator. It cleans with no rubbing or buffing on tarnished copper but requires scrubbing if you are trying to remove well adhering fire scale. It's formulated to be anti tarnish and contains no ammonia, chlorine, sulfuric acid or benzene derivatives. No rubber gloves needed. Biodegradable and safe for the environment. Not affected by freezing or hot temperatures. Not for use on stainless steel appliances.

PB Penny Brite™   $7.40 per 7 oz container Currently unavailable

PB Gel The same as Penny Brite™, just a gel not a paste.    $7.20 per 7 oz container

Metal Working Tools


Eutectic Silver Solder that you can enamel over since it is composed of only copper and silver. Melting point of approx. 1490°F. Sold as 1/16" diameter wire that is 33-1/2" long.

SLD Eutectic Solder   $12.60 per 1/4 troy oz coil

Metal Hole Punch

Metal Hole Punch will make two sizes of holes. The smaller hole is 1/16” (1.60 mm) and the larger is 3/32” (2.30 mm). The two Tee Knobs have fine threaded harden steel screws. The unit body has been plated and requires little maintenance. It has two teflon washers to protect the treads from being damaged. Replacement punchs are available.

T-5 Metal Hole Punch   $20.00

T-5B 1/16" (1.60mm) Replacement Punch (Black)   $6.00

T-5C 3/32" (2.30mm) Replacement Punch (Chrome)   $6.00