Other Metals to Enamel

Pre-coated Iron Tiles

These have been discontinued by Thompson. Limited to stock availability

Flat sheets 18 ga. One side coated with ground coat and white, other side ground coat only. These have a small spot on the back with a bare spot. Ready for painting and other techniques.


OVL-3   3” x 2-1/4" $6.00

OVL-5   5” x 3-3/4" $12.00

OVL-6    6” x 4-1/4" $12.75

Porcelain Enameled Steel Plates

These are very thin steel sheets (0.015" / 28 ga) with ground coat and white on the face side, ground coat only on the back side. Much lighter weight than regular steel tiles. Great to use with the various kinds of painting enamels.


ESP-3  3"  $3.10

ESP-4  4"  $4.35

ESP-6  6"  $5.60

ESP-8  3"  $7.50

ESP-10  3"  $10.40

ESP-12  3"  $15.15


ESP-34  3" x 4"  $3.45

ESP-45  4" x 5"  $4.55

ESP-46  4" x 6"  $4.95

ESP-57  5" x 7"  $6.45

ESP-58  5" x 8"  $6.85

ESP-810  8" x 10"  $9.15

Enameling Iron, AKA Low Carbon Steel

Enameling Iron is excellent for all Thompson's Painting products, including Overglaze Painting Colors, Painting Enamel Kit, Acrylic Enamels, Water color Enamels, Liquid Form Enamel Colors and Enameling Marking Crayons.  Enameling Iron is also valued for its minimal warpage during firing.  Hairline cracks in painting enamel are eliminated when working on steel.

Enameling Iron contains 0.02% to 0.04% carbon.   It requires a ground coat of GC-16  prior to further enameling. 18 gauge is used for plaques, 22 gauge is used for hammering. 18 gauge is the standard that is shipped unless 22 gauge is specified. Supplied in circles from 3" diameter ($2.55 ea) to 18" diameter ($52.65ea), squares from 3" square ($2.55 ea) to 18" square ($52.65 ea).  Rectangles are supplied from 2" x 6" ($3.35 ea) to 12" x 18" square ($33.55 ea). Call for sizes available and prices. Special Order. 

Gilding Metal (0.040")

95% Copper, 5% Zinc. Excellent for transparent enamels. Used by most commercial badge makers.

Discontinued.  For information only.