Application Tools, Wire

Application Tools

Brushes A high quality fine haired brush is important for uniformly applying liquid metal or for moving enamel being wet packed.

M-15B A 1/4" shader for bands and areas.   $5.60

M-16B A fine point sable for thin lines.   $4.20

Inlay Tools

Tools for applying wet enamel known as wet inlay, wet packing or wet charging. IT-1(Spatula) used to pick up and hold the wet enamel and IT-2 (Scriber) or IT-3 (Spreader) are used to lift the wet enamel out of the spatula and onto the work piece. The IT-3 Spreader can be used to tamp down the wet enamel to make a smooth surface. The wet inlay procedure is used for the cloisonnĂ©, champlevĂ© and painting with 80 mesh enamel techniques.  IT-2 (Scriber) can also be used for sgraffito.

IT-1 Spatula   $6.50

IT-2 Scriber   $4.70

IT-3 Spreader   $4.70

IT-4 Spatula and spreader in one tool. 4-3/4" long, scoop 1/4" $4.00

Sprayers, Misters

A-7 Preval Aerosol Spray Kit Aerosol cartridge allows fine mist spraying of gum solutions.   $12.20

A-7R Replacement Replacement cartridge for Preval Sprayer   $10.25

Mister No longer available.  You can use an empty, clean deodorant spray bottle as an inexpensive substitute.  Look for one with a fine mist.  A large spray bottle from the dollar store also works but I find the spray is not as fine, so hold it as far from your work as possible.  


T-12 Gillot Crow Quill Pen   $6.60

T-13 Extra pen point   $3.35

Cloisonné Wire

M-4F-25 Flat Copper Wire 17 ga x 30 ga (0.045" x 0.010") 25 foot coil   $11.00 per coil

M-4F Flat Copper Wire 18 ga x 30 ga (0.040" x 0.010") 25 foot coil   $12.00 per coil

M-4R Round Copper Wire 18 ga (0.040" diameter) 50 foot coil   $9.00 per coil

M-5F Flat Fine Silver Wire 18 ga x 30 ga (0.040" x 0.010") 4 foot coil   $16.70 per coil 

WSS-1 Flat Fine Silver Wire 18 ga x 30 ga (0.040" x 0.010") Sold by the foot   $4.60 per foot Out of Stock

M-5T Thin Flat Fine Silver Wire 18 ga x 36 ga (0.040" x 0.005") Sold by the foot   $1.90 per foot Out of Stock

M-5R Round Fine Silver Wire 20 ga (0.032" diameter) 4 foot coil   $22.35 per coil Special Order

Nichrome Wire is listed here under firing tools

Stencil and Stencil Material

Clear Vinyl Stencil Material

This can be used over and over without deterioration of the stencil. The clear vinyl is very flexible and pliable. It can be laid directly over a drawing or photograph and lines traced right onto the vinyl with a permanent black marker. The stencil is then cut out with an exacto knife or heat knife. Stencils can be washed after use and then be used again. Works best on flat surfaces.

CVS-1  12" x 52" sheet  $9.90 Special Order

Carbon Paper

Perfect for transferring an image to your enamel work. Burns out during firing.

CP-1   10 sheets, 8-1/2" x 11"  $9.70