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Thin Fire Sheet

This is the answer for those who are enameling small, hard to put on a trivet items. This suggestion came from Barbara Colby of Colby Handcrafted. She is a glass fuser and came across this item. It is remarkable in that it does not stick to your enamel, or significantly mar the surface. I have found that it will leave a haze on the enamel surface, noticeable in transparents, not so much on opaques. Because you are using a flat trivet you would eliminate warpage.

Procedurally you would enamel the back side of your object and then when you are ready to fire the front side, you place this paper on the firing rack or base plate and your piece on top of that. This "paper" looks similar to drawing paper. It is a ceramic impregnated paper and able to withstand firing to 1600° F. It is a one time use paper, so cut the paper to fit your object. When it is fired it is reduced to a dusty tissue. As with all ceramic fiber material, avoid breathing the residual dust.

TFS  $3.95 per 20.5" x 20.5" sheet

Firing Racks

Pre-bent Firing Racks

Stainless steel with the corners are bent down giving sufficient clearance for a fork to be used. If you require a different size please call for prices. F-1 and F-4 fit the TK-1 Furnace. These are lighter weight than the flat firing racks below and DO NOT do well for torch firing.

WSFR-3  3" Square  $3.40

WSFR-4  4" Square  $4.00

WSFR-6  6" Square  $5.25

WSFR-12  12" Square  $34.15

Flat Firing Racks

Heavy stainless steel. Heat and corrosion resistant 4 mesh wire racks for transporting work in and out of the kiln. F-1 and F-4 fit the TK-1 Furnace. These come flat. You need a hammer and a vice to bend the edges or you can use a pair of Firing Rack Support Bars, inside and outside of the kiln. Best for Torch Firing.

F-1  3" Square  $4.75

F-4  4" Square  $5.35

F-2  6" Square  $11.90

F-2-Bent  6" Square  $11.90  Corners are pre-bent down.

F-3  12" Square  $44.65 Special Order

Firing Rack Support Bars

These bars remain permanently in your furnace to support firing racks. A second pair can be placed on a cooling area when the firing rack is removed from the furnace. Pairs are required for use. Use them with the above firing racks. Special Order

FRB-4  1" angle, 4" length  $5.00 each

FRB-6  1" angle, 6" length  $6.90 each

SFRB-4  3/4" angle, 4" length  $5.00

SFRB-6  3/4" angle, 6" length  $6.90

Universal Trivet Arms

These stainless steel trivet arms can be easily fastened anywhere onto mesh firing racks. Order firing rack F-1, F-2, F-3 or F-4 separately.

TS-2  $9.80 per pair

Stainless Base Plates

To be used with three and four point trivets without legs. Custom sizes available upon request.  They don't have to be square!

WSBP-33  3" x 3"   $3.00

WSBP-44  4" x 4"   $4.25

WSBP-66  6" x 6"   $9.60

Saw Tooth Trivets

Ideal for firing multiple small shapes in the same firing. STT-1 will hold pieces 1" to 2" in diameter and STT-2 will hold pieces 3/4" to 1-1/4" in diameter.

STT-1  6" long x 3/4" wide x 1-1/8" high  $15.15 each

STT-2  6-3/8" long x 9/16" wide x 3/4" high   $15.15 each

Small Three Point Trivets with Legs

Origami Trivets Made of 0.036" thick 304 stainless steel so it will not develop fire scale.

WST-0  1-1/2" point to point, holds 5/8" to 1-1/4"; 3" x 2-1/2" high $3.00 each

WST-1  2-7/8" point to point; 3-1/8" x 2-1/2" high  $4.00 each

WST-2  3-3/8" point to point; 3-1/2" x 2-1/2" high  $7.00 each

WST-3  5" point to point, holds 4"-5"; 3-1/2" x 2-1/2" high,  $9.00 each

Three Point Trivets

All stainless steel trivet, to be used with base plates or firing racks.

Fit Area designates the largest size piece that fits a particular trivet.

  Fit Area Height  Price
TP-125   1-3/4" 1-1/2" $5.50
TP-200   2" 1-1/2" $6.60
TP-275   2-3/4" 2-1/4" $8.15
TP-350   3-1/2" 3-1/8" $8.60
TP-600   6" 3" $11.15

Four Point Trivets

All stainless steel trivets, to be used with base plates or firing racks.

    Width    Depth  Height  Price
FP-1075   1-1/8" 3/4" 3/4" $4.80
FP-1150   1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1" $2.00
FP-2020   2" 2" 1-1/2" $5.45
FP-3030   3" 3" 1-3/4" $9.65  (Has legs)
FP-4040   4" 4" 2" $11.55  (Has legs)

Lightwieght Trivets with Legs

These light weight trivets do not require the use of a firing rack underneath. This reduces the amount of heat that would normally be absorbed by the rack when firing and also makes the overall load a little lighter when loading into the furnace. These trivets feature small legs that allow your firing fork to slip underneath.

Fitting Area designates the largest size piece that fits a particular trivet.

      Fitting Area  Height  Diameter  Price
LWT-1     2" to 4" 5" 5-1/2" $12.65
LWT-2     5" to 7" 5" 7-1/2" $16.40
LWT-3     8" to 10" 5" 10" $19.95 Special Order
LWT-4     11" to 13" 5" 12-1/2" $25.50 Special Order

Grooved Stainless Steel Trivets

These trivets are reversible, making single, double and triple grooves possible.

GT-600  6" L x 4-1/2" W x 7/8" H, 3 troughs, made of solid stainless steel.  $9.00

WSGT-42  4" L x 5-3/4" W, 2 troughs, made of stainless steel mesh.  $5.90

WSGT-43  4" L x 4-1/2" W, 3 troughs, made of stainless steel mesh.  $4.45

WSGT-62  6" L x 5-3/4" W, 2 troughs, made of stainless steel mesh.  $8.90

WSGT-63  6" L x 4-1/2" W, 3 troughs, made of stainless steel mesh.  $6.65

Large Three Point Trivets with Legs

TPT-7  Fits 4-3/4" diameter  4-1/2" high   $14.60  Special Order

TPT-8  Fits 5-1/2" diameter  4-3/8" high   $16.20

TPT-9  Fits 7" diameter  4-1/2" high   $18.05

Large Four Point Trivets with Legs

Special Order

FPT-7  Fits 10" x 10"  4" high   $32.75

FPT-8  Fits 12" x 12"  4" high   $37.15

Bed of Nails

These are ideal for firing flat pieces. The numerous contact points minimize warpage when firing sizable flat pieces.

Special Order

BN-46  4" x 6"   $35.20

BN-68  6" x 8"   $45.25

Thompson's Low Profile Hotplate Furnace Trivets

Especially designed for counter enameling with hotplate type furnaces. Set directly on the element.

HS-1  Base set of 4 spacers (smallest spacer holds up to 1" diameter piece to the largest spacer which holds up to 3" diameter piece)   $20.05 per set

HS-2  Trivet arms only. $7.20 per pair  Special Order

Note: You need to have both HS-1 and HS-2 for the trivets to work. 

Buy the set: HS-Set $20.05

HS-3  Single piece trivet (2" long x 1" wide x 5/8" high) will hold up to 2" diameter piece.    $12.15 each

Tripod for Torch Firing, 2 rack choices

T-Pod  Tripod, 10" high, top 5" square   $48.00

F-8V  “V” shaped firing rack for holding panels, 11.5” L x 4” W   $5.55

F-8A   Flat firing rack for holding trivets, 8” L x 4” W   $4.15

Both the F-8V and F-8A firing racks are light weight and will burn out faster than the heavier F-2, or F-3 flat mesh racks.

Bead Rack is listed here